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2017-08-11 02:21:17 by Hackmusic

I've been busy. And dealing with composer's block.


2016-10-30 20:02:15 by Hackmusic

It's recently come to my attention that I exhibit all of the traits seen in Bipolar Disorder. This would partially explain the lack of productivity on my end, the other part being real life business. Should be getting back into things some time from now. At the moment though, just scraping through.

Settling in

2016-10-03 20:18:31 by Hackmusic

I've been around on newgrounds for a fairly long time, mostly just lurking. I was more active several years ago, but it's time for a fresh start, and unlike my shithouse flash games, this account will be purely devoted to music.

As the name suggests, I'm a talentless hack. No musical training or background, really. Just a love of the art.