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Daughter of Om - To be harmonious, to flow naturally. Daughter of Pathos - To be humbled, to be human. Daughter of Darkness - To oppose, to challenge. Daughter of Love - To comfort, to make love. Daughter of Action - To enact, to excite.

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Is this my diary now or something? Just ignore this it's not important

Posted by Hackmusic - August 4th, 2020

The following is a collection of one-liner thoughts I had. Some of them seem like good song titles, but as we all know I don't do music anymore apparently.

My lungs fill with our sorrow

Do you remember the time you held me and everything was better?

Of course you don't

I want to let go of myself

I sink and sag

Sand flows from my lips

A heart only beating because you told it to

Abandoned, to be abandoned

I feel it escape through my ribs like smoke

No one is left and I hate that I wanted it this way

The sidewalk is kinda cozy now that I feel it

The things I want to say all fall to the side. They get lost in the wind

I thought I could be okay...

Weren't you here? I want to be there with you again...

Too painful to relive, too painful to forget

Were you wrong to hurt me?

We all miss you... Why can't you just come back? Why did you have to go?

Disappointing even by my lowered expectations of myself

I'm gonna die doing this

Tears like tar

I want it all to go away. Leave me here in silence

I didn't mean it... I can't do this without you

Quotation marks around "happy"

Is it worth it? You didn't think so

Fall through the floor. I belong in the dirt anyway

How can I feel these thoughts? They don't mean anything

False tears from a false face

Nobody's martyr