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Am I just that bad? I'm not sure what to think now.

Posted by Hackmusic - December 18th, 2017

After the album was done, I was hoping to just sell ten copies. I'd have been overjoyed with that number.


I sold exactly zero. I have to wonder if nothing I've made is as good as I'd hoped, or if my taste in music is just plain bad. And now when I open up my program again, nothing comes to me.

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Promotion and getting people to buy stuff, all that is hard. Did you tell anyone and everyone you knew?

I did. Showed it off to several of my communities, put out an album sampler here on newgrounds (which had a few downloads which I don't understand why) and just haven't managed to get it seen. I don't know anyone with a lot of musical influence, so I suppose it would be nice to do so.

As a musician, I can say that your music is good and the themes develop well and in a pleasing manner. As a person, I say it's very hard to compel someone to buy a track/album in the age of downloading and YouTubing. I love classical music, but I don't go buying sheet music or classical music records. Most of what I care for is on the internet for free.

Ditto on Troisnyx statement. It's not impossible, CDs and mp3s still sell well these days, but it's hard to compel someone to buy something. Maybe you could find a record label or "someone who knows someone" that get your music out there. I'm sure you'll find the inspiration again somehow. Popular artists were once just people like you and me, making close to a nickel at a bar gig if any from their music.

I appreciate the kind words. I doubt any record label would pick me up though. Not unless they're desperate.

Me neither. Oh here's a sob story if you want. I wrote a symphony orchestra album called Allison and Victoria. Two ladies I loved very much. I poured my heart into that damned blueprint for five months straight amd lost sleep over it. I gained a few pounds of stress fat despite the manual labor amd working out i did at the time.

Turns they didn't even like it. I gave them a copy of the conducter's score and a CD for them to listen to. Sure, they hugged me and said thanks; however they threw it in the trash later that day. May as well've told me they didn't appreciate it and not agree to me naming the music after them. I had intense feels. You can find the symphony here amd on YouTube and Bamdcamp.

No one ever struck gold by giving up after their first tunnel collapsed. You clearly didn't give up whenever ypu worked on a track that sounded unacceptable before polishing and developing
You kept at it and did a good job. If music is your passion, you'll find a way to make even a little money off of it. That being said, I haven't bought an album CD in over eight years since YouTube gone HD.

You can't control others but you can control yourself. Also, most successful artist put expressing themselves with their art before even thinking of the money they'll make with. When you make decent music, keep in mind that even if it is shitty, at least you stuck with the annonying and tedious songwriting process until it was finished. That takes dedication and discipline. Something to be proud of.

Thanks, I appreciate it. Though I do give up on new tracks constantly, just throwing them into a semi-organized pile of prototypes. I believe I'm on prototype 61 right now.