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Settling in

2016-10-03 20:18:31 by Hackmusic

I've been around on newgrounds for a fairly long time, mostly just lurking. I was more active several years ago, but it's time for a fresh start, and unlike my shithouse flash games, this account will be purely devoted to music.

As the name suggests, I'm a talentless hack. No musical training or background, really. Just a love of the art.


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2016-10-06 09:09:33

Good choice finally signing up! An official, belated, honorary: welcome to the site! It's all about that creative passion.

Hackmusic responds:

Not sure whether this is a bot or not, but thanks all the same.


2016-10-09 14:09:43

If I'm a bot? :) Nope! All authentic. 100% individual albeit sometimes a bit common responses these things I be posting. Sure thing.


2016-10-09 14:10:04

I'll take the fact that I seem like a machine as a compliment btw. ;)

Hackmusic responds:

A lot of services have a "Thanks for joining up" automated messages sent out. I've been a member on newgrounds for a long time, and this is a fresh start account dedicated to music making.


2016-10-10 03:36:55

Mmm it'd be pretty cool if we had something like that too, should make a suggestion about it! Seems like the real Fulp even posts on user introductions occasionally though, which is even cooler. Feels like that's the one big thing that keeps this place on a level above the others! Actual human interaction.

Aha. Wonder what other account(s) you have?

Hackmusic responds:

I'd rather not say... It's honestly embarrassing. My first flash games from middleschool were garbage at best.


2016-10-12 08:26:07

Can't be that bad if it passed judgment. ;) Well, good to know the account's still there, wherever it is, early submissions can be pretty entertaining to have around.

Hackmusic responds:

I was unacceptably proud of my shit little incomplete flash games that weren't even actionscript 3.0, they were 2.0. Primitive, crude, uneducated, terrible.


2016-10-16 03:34:37

I still make stuff only with AS2.0 though. :| Don't think I'm the only one though! Feels so much easier than the new structure, though then again programming's really not my forte.

Hackmusic responds:

It has its advantages for sure. However, learning AS2.0 first and foremost as a programming language really fucked me up when trying to learn others. I struggle badly with C#. Incidentally, if you know anyone who's proficient with C# and wants some work, let me know. I'd like to consider myself a talented designer, but when it comes to scripting, I'm slow, sloppy and just generally not that good. I've got a design document for a project about 89% complete and just need some help with some of the systems. Or tutoring, I'd go for that too.


2016-10-16 05:31:29

Mmm I actually started reading a university course on C++, didn't get very far with that. Wonder if that had something to do with previous AS2 learning too. :) But regular HTML, CSS and all that's a piece of cake, I just get the impression certain languages don't have the most intuitive structure...

Don't think I do, but I'll keep this in mind if I run into anyone! You might find some users willing to help in the Programming forum, though. Lot of pro's floating around those parts. :)

Hackmusic responds:

Never thought about checking there! I always figured I'd only run into people who know AS and maybe CSS.


2016-10-16 15:23:34

Well I can't say for certain they know C#, but a lot of them fiddle with Ruby and PHP at least; such somewhat-more-advanced languages. :)

Oh hey, here's at least one that knows C#: