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Entry #2


2016-10-30 20:02:15 by Hackmusic

It's recently come to my attention that I exhibit all of the traits seen in Bipolar Disorder. This would partially explain the lack of productivity on my end, the other part being real life business. Should be getting back into things some time from now. At the moment though, just scraping through.


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2016-11-03 11:57:03

Hmm, not sure what traits the Bipolar Disorder. nsues, but better not look it up, lack of productivity seems kinda familiar! I believe we can change even the most ingrained parts of our personalities and minds though. Everything: possible.

Hackmusic responds:

Looking into getting it medicated to help balance me out. In my case, it means that some days are miserable, some days are even worse, some days I'm just hyper and angry, some days I'm hyper and depressed.


2016-11-03 12:47:30

Well, life's full of ups and downs for us all, but I guess you have it a bit worse with that. Maybe something as simple as meditation could help? Medication tends to not always have the most wanted side-effects, but if that is the cure...

Hackmusic responds:

Unfortunately medication is a better option for bipolar disorder. Side effects are no stranger to me, but it would be well worth it to become a more productive person. Besides, I could use some anti-depressants anyway. Knowing that I'm Bipolar would make it easier to find the right fit for me.


2016-11-04 06:57:33

Have you been on similar meds before? No chance the bipolarity could be a side-effect of that? Anti-depressants are dangerous since they're so easy to get hooked on. They do help, I hear, but I really wouldn't use any myself unless there was no other way. I've had some pretty low phases myself, but always managed to climb out of them at my own accord. Self-affirmation helped a lot, and just trying to keep as busy as possible. If you don't have time to worry: eventually it feels like you start focusing less on the dark and more on the positive details of every day. Can't say if it's applicable to you or not, but at least use them medications sparingly; only if you must! They hook you in quick.

Hackmusic responds:

Oh trust me, I'm aware of the hazards.


2016-11-05 06:11:12

Well alright, no more advice I can give then. :) Hope it works for the better!

Hackmusic responds:

No problem. I've got a formula going for a new piece, one that i think should pan out nicely. Just been lacking time these last few days.